The gaming alphabet, from A to M


It is a game for each letter. Bored of the same old games all the time? Hardly!

Still, just in case, here is a list of the weird with the popular. Play, got simply in alphabetical order.

Acey Deucey

Named after the cards for one and two, this system is a game of margins. The player draws two

cards, then bet on whether the third lying between these two cards. As a player, the bet wrong, your

added bets to the pot, and the pot is bigger and bigger, until a single player wins.

Basset hound

This game is an old-fashioned map as elegant and refined, not only because the players must be,

on their best behavior, but also because only the very rich can afford the inevitable losses.

casino war

Two players to fight head-to-head in this simple game, drawing one card each and see which one is the

the strongest.

Dou Dizhu

This grim parody of the class system takes three players to play, the rich landlords to play on and two

the peasants. The game is easy to learn, but has a steep learning curve.


Not only the players are able to watch players play games, you can bet. The current hits are Strike

Dota 2, and Counter.


All that is needed to play this game a handful of small objects such as coins or beans and

to draw something with. The dealer draws a square and letting the players guess how many pearls

if you dump them all, and then whisk away, four at a time. Due to the measurement and

time, fan-tan has all but disappeared.


The Korean game includes the two beautiful tiles and dig through a stack or unwanted tiles

to have a winning combination.


In this game, a player rolls two dice, and this is the last straightforward thing that happened.


The gameplay for this indie game is simple, but unique. Four players sit at a table, a glass-

the size of the object and the strip poker chips. The first hit is the idol gets all the poker chips,

remains on the table.


In a constant stream of bets, a large group of players, a card, pick each turn, and try to,

the highest value. This game would be easy, if it just needs to play a round, but the players

every single one of your cards until they expire.


Just like in the lottery, a player a set of numbers selects and see how many numbers you have in

together with the computer. Compared to the actual lottery, and the wait time short is a pleasant one.

Le Re

Two players fight for supremacy with the power or cards. The player must guess whether the

dealer has a higher or lower card, and then go before the winner is announced.


in contrast to the traditional marriage, this game is all about creating groups of three or more. Perhaps the

for more cards that are meant to be children.

That’s all for now. Next, check out the letters N to Z and all the different games found within.

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