The 5 stages of the losing streak of sorrow


1. Denial

Sure, I have a couple of chips, but it was not so bad. Look, I have money in my account. I’ve just

need a win, and everything will turn around. I had a night like that last week

and I came up with more money than I started. It’s not like things can get any worse. I just have

in order to remain positive and keep going. What’s the worst that could happen?

2. Anger

What the hell? That can’t be right. How can I be so stupid? How did I not see this coming? I

can’t believe what I just did. I doubled my bet and all of a sudden the carpet got pulled out of

below me. This is completely inappropriate. The game is rigged. The dealer has something against me.

What a total rip-off. What a joke. This game is the worst. I’m never

3. Collective bargaining

I’ll give it a try. I just need to change up my game. I need to play it safe as my

friend told me. I really have to say, me and the challenge. I just have to believe

really, that I can win and then I can finally pull through. I’ll do it right this time, and earn back

everything I’ve lost. You’ll see. I just need a chance, and then I can this game


4. Depression

Now is the that. As the last of my chips. A whole night in the slots, and I have nothing to show

. Well, what should I expect to happen? I can’t believe I ever thought I would have a

decent night play. Why do I have to Deposit again, the effort, the money? Why did I come here?

Now all the chips are gone down the drain and there is nothing I can do. I should have heard.

to my friend and played solitaire instead.

5. Acceptance

you know what? I may not be rich, but I had fun. I went through the good and the bad,

and I came out unscathed. I had no luck I have tonight, but that means that I get money in my chips

and never again? There’s no way. It is high time that I let all of these bad mood behind and try

again. Who’s up for round two?

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