Nolimit City explores endless possibilities with online slot mechanics licensing

Nolimit City may not be the biggest online slot development studio on the block, but it is still highly respected in the Canadian iGaming industry for providing some of the country’s best online casino games. The company recently took a milestone step by signing a partnership deal that will open up many future prospects.

It was recently revealed that Nolimit City has decided to license a selection of its unique online slot gameplay mechanics to Spearhead Studios. The mechanics in being licensed out so far are the xNudge and xWays features. They will both appear in a new title developed by the new partner, a move that is certain to propel the developer towards even greater opportunities.

Spearhead Studios is the in-house development arm of EveryMatrix, a UK based iGaming software company.

Tech on show

The details of precisely how Spearhead Studios plans to make use of the new mechanics are unclear at this stage. The only concrete information available is that a game that will combine both mechanics into one pulse-racing slot that will form part of the classic ‘Book” title series.

Regardless of what game they are integrated into, Nolimit City’s unique features will be on display for the global market.

Nuts and bolts

The xWays and xNudge features were created entirely by Nolimit City and have been used to give a compelling edge to online slots. xWays attaches a Ways to Win modifier to symbols, meaning that the presence of certain symbols can adjust the Ways to Win.

xNudge follows similar logic and creates a system where wild symbols can move dynamically across the reels between spins. A wild symbol may appear on the reels, create a winning combo, and then follow a certain trajectory, creating matches as it goes until it exits the reels.

Mutually enthused

Nolimit City’s commercial director, Malcolm Mizzi, had a few thoughts to share about the partnership. He stated that he was “over the moon” with the alliance, stating that it was an ideal progression to validate the efforts of the design team.  He expressed how proud he is of the company’s achievements and said that any online slot that employed the technology would be met with enthusiasm by iGaming enthusiasts.

Spearhead Studios MD, Mathias Larsson, added a few of his own comments, emphasizing how amazing the xNudge and xWays systems are. He shared how he expects the mechanics to greatly boost player engagement and that the new title due for release in October has a good shot at becoming the company’s game of the year.

The future will see the xNudge and xWays mechanics featuring in a growing number of premium online casino games in Canada. Players will just have to live in anticipation until October when the combined efforts of two industry leaders go public.​

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